2021.12.30     Disastrous Protocols—did Aguinaldo know?
2021.12.23     Treaty of Paris, its disastrous protocols
2021.12.16     Corrupting the youth
2021.12.09     Me and my cats
2021.12.02     Andres Bonifacio was not “masa”
2021.11.25     PCCI wants to know
2021.11.18     When I met Teddy Baguilat
2021.11.11     Political dynasties, according to President Duterte
2021.11.04     VP Leni, “extraordinary housewife”
2021.10.28     What have you done for the country?
2021.10.21     First Black Republic-Haiti
2021.10.14     Itinataas ni Leni Robredo ang Pamantayan
2021.10.14     Naitaas ni Leni Robredo ang pamantayan ng talakayang pampolitika
2021.10.14     Leni Robredo raises the standard
2021.10.07     Our weak institutions
2021.09.30     Donada street, my “twilight zone”
2021.09.23     Mar, the president we could have had
2021.09.16     The spirit of Malolos
2021.09.16     Harry Roque and jus cogens
2021.09.09     Cuba and the “forever” blockade
2021.09.02     President Biden, my 2cents worth
2021.08.26     Newspapers of the Revolution
2021.08.19     Balita (news) in ancient times
2021.08.12     USA: Unemployment with labor shortage
2021.08.05     Mary Mediatrix of All-Grace
2021.07.29     Rizal’s “Letter to the Editor”
2021.07.22     Jose Rizal and American imperialism
2021.07.15     Chamorros of Guam
2021.07.08     Juan Luna’s beloved son
2021.07.01     Communism comes to the Philippines, 2
2021.06.24     Communism comes to the Philippines, 1
2021.06.17     Rocky Road to Independence,2
2021.06.10     Rocky Road to Independence,1
2021.06.03     Fear of the Russian flu
2021.05.27     The assimilation issues
2021.05.20     Plaridel’s proposed electoral system
2021.05.13     Spanish Cortés, off limits
2021.05.06     Who was Pi y Margall?
2021.04.29     Community pantry and Duterte’s kitchen
2021.04.22     Community pantries—dyslexia?
2021.04.15     When old age creeps in
2021.04.08     My cats and I
2021.04.01     Paintings for the Quincentennial
2021.03.25     Rizal annotates Antonio de Morga,2
2021.03.18     Rizal annotates Antonio de Morga,1
2021.03.11     Picking on Rizal, 2
2021.03.04     Picking on Rizal, 1
2021.02.25     First Holy Mass controversy
2021.02.18     Cuba, Venezuela forge ahead
2021.02.11     Cuba and Covid
2021.02.04     Disunited States of America?
2021.01.28     Where will he go now?
2021.01.21     Definitely an inside job
2021.01.14     Showcase of democracy
2021.01.07     Like no other