1. Makisig, the little hero of Mactan
    Pamana Foundation, 1968, 1964,1965 (Adarna books) 1966, translated into Tagbanua and Tagalog.
    Out of print
  2. Hanoi Diary, Manila Vibal. 1968, second edition, Cruz Publishing, 2012
  3. Beauty and Fashion for the Filipino Woman
    Co-author Lisa G. Nakpil, Vessel Books, Manila 1981, out of print
  4. Sentimiento, fiction and nostalgia, katha at salamisim
    Bi-lingual, English and Tagalog, Anvil Publishing, 1995, 2nd printing, 1998
  5. El Galeon de Manila, un mar de historias,
    Co-edited with Cristina Barron Soto, Phd, Spanish, JGH Editores, Mexico D.   F. 1996
  6. Stones of Faith, Pierres de la foix
    PAMATEC-Paris-Manila Technology Corporation, Manila 1998
    Bilingual, English and French
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  7. Haec est Sybilla Cumana
    by Jose Rizal, English translation of the Spanish original, Cruz Publishing, 2011
  8. Rizal’s True Love
    Cruz Publishing, 2013, 2nd printing 2015, 3rd printing, 2017
  9. 50 Years in Hollywood, the USA conquers the Philippines
    Cruz Publishing, 2019
  10. Biographical collection- All about Gemma, 1964
    Out of print


  1. Hanoi Diary, Rizal’s True Love, 50 Years in Hollywood
    Fully Booked, Solidaridad, Silahis (Gral. Luna, Intramuros) Popular Bookstore, National Bookstore
  2. Haec est Sybilla Cumana is available at Silahis and Paciano Rizal Foundation