STRIX “Expedition Robinson”


STRIX “Expedition Robinson”
Secretary Gemma Cruz Araneta
Department of Tourism
Opening remarks, STRIX press conference
El Nido, Palawan, 9 July 1999


Through the centuries, these  islands at the rim of the Pacific Ocean, now called the Philippines,  have always lured corsairs, conquistadores , pirates of all nationalities seeking gold, spices, fertile land and, of course, adventure.

Three months ago, 23 teams from different countries arrived for the Elf Aquitaine Authentic Adventure. When I first met with the organizers, they said they were looking for uncharted, very rough territory with jungles and dense forests, unexplored rivers . That sounded like the Samar provinces. So, that was where the Elf adventure took place.

This month the STRIX “Expedition Robinson” will take place in El Nido, North Palawan, one of the 8 Anchor Destinations of the Department of Tourism.  The STRIX expedition alludes to the ship-wrecked Robinson Crusoe  who tried to survive in a deserted island, so this is a reality show that will test everyone’s true mettle.  I am sure people in our main markets in Europe and the United States will enjoy this survival ordeal when they see it on STRIX TV. That will be great publicity for the Philippines tourism.

Thank you STRIX for choosing the  Philippines, here you will find whatever is missing in your lives.  Thank you as well for the local promoters and sponsors, for the Bureau of Customs for  the smooth  and painless release of the STRIX sports equipment.

Let the adventure begin!