A lawful glossary of geological terms

Two eminent lawyers, Saul and Daniel  Hofileña, father and son, authored an elucidating monograph,” Turmoil at the South China Sea” which to me is a veritable dictionary of basic yet misapplied terms. Let us review a few: Archipelago.  A group of islands inter-connected by waters and other natural features, so closely interrelated that such islands, … Read more

Philippines v. China, questions & answers, (1)

If you want to get a handle on how the Philippines won its case against  People’s China, consult a recently published monograph that explains everything in 148 questions and answers.  The authors (a father-son lawyers’ tandem ) untangle the intricacies of the UNCLOS ( United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) and its … Read more

Taking home a “classified“ file

Does the Republic of the Philippines have any State secrets? If we do have classified, restricted, confidential and top secret files, where are they kept? Are these in a vault of the Department of National Defense,  under lock and key in the President’s study in Malacañan, or ensconced in the national Library and Archives? I … Read more

What is your family adobo?

Let us standardize the adobo, said the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). What an impossible task, chimed my Rizal lady cousins last Monday, 29 August, as we celebrated National Heroes’ Day at the chalet of Gen. Paciano Rizal. We reminisced about a couple of adobo recipes inherited from respective grandmothers that certainly defy standardization. … Read more

USA, bastion of democracy

Most Filipinos like me believe that the United States of America is the unbreachable, gleaming bastion of democracy. Despite the rise of China and Russia, the USA remains to be the most powerful, mightiest and wealthiest country on Planet Earth. Many of my contemporaries migrated to the USA soon after graduation, in pursuit of “the … Read more

A myth-studded road to fascism

I came across this declaration: “We have created our myth. This myth is a faith, a passion. It is not necessary for it to be a reality…Our myth is the nation, our myth is the greatness of the nation! And to this myth, this greatness, which we want to translate into a total reality, we … Read more

FVR, a man to remember

Suddenly, there were no more coups d’etat. Although President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) won barely 20 percent of electoral votes in the 1992 elections, the country seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. How reassuring that perennial destabilizers, mutineers and plotters, the majority from the military and police, were content to bask in FVR’s … Read more

Of legal wives and mistresses

Much too often,  snippets of “legal wife versus mistress” pop up while I am scrolling for breaking news about the J6 Select Committee hearings in the USA,  or the billion dollars awarded to the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu by a foreign arbitral court. I am always tempted to watch because the snippets, usually … Read more

Rizal’s crisis management

If I were teaching the Rizal course as mandated by R A 1425, I would begin with how Rizal reacted to the most devastating crisis he had to face. Isn’t crisis management what we need most these days? In 1891, the Dominican Order of friars were the richest landowners in Kalamba, Laguna, among their lease … Read more

“Gringo”, a household word

No, this is not about the intrepid Gringo Honasan who was at National Defense Minister J. Ponce Enrile’s side when the Marcos government was toppled by People Power in February 1986. Gringo  also led a few coups d’etat against President Corazon Aquino which she narrowly survived. Despite his being a  cashiered military officer, Gregorio  Honasan … Read more